Labels and Abbreviations Used in Describing Our Products

Please Note That Not All Parts Are Marked.

(CP)Core Part Has Chrome Peeling or Might Need Rebuilding or Has Some Damage
(DD)Has Dent or Some Damage
(FC)Fair Condition to Good
(HCO)Has Cracks or Spider Line Cracks
(HP)Has Heavy Pitting
(LD)Light Damage
(MB)Not 100% Sure of Models
(MS)Minor Scratches
(MR)Minor Rust, Needs Clean Up
(ND)No Damage Seen
(NOS)New Old Stock
(NR)Needs Some Repair
(NT)Not Tested
(PS)Chrome-Plated Steel
(PR)Has Light Pitting or Some Rust
(R)Rusty, Needs Paint / Sandblasting
(SDLC)Light Small Dents or Scratches
(TDW)Tested and Did Not Work
(TW)Tested and Did Work
(VN)Very Nice